A vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities are available to OIST students, faculty and staff. Getting involved in campus life is the quickest way to become a part of the Institution community, and to create one's own OIST experience. Campus life activities are built around the concepts of encouraging each community member to express his or her talents and to respect all members of our pluralistic community.

One of the Institution's most distinctive characteristics is its closely knit and integrated residential community. Housing is guaranteed for undergraduates, and nearly all students live on campus. The residential experience is central to Princeton's educational program, and the residential colleges offer students a supportive and enriching environment full of opportunities for personal growth.

Life at an OIST is always great and it's a special blend of a modern life and traditional values. We have had a long time to learn! Combine that with the latest of cutting-edge technologies, and you have OIST in a nutshell...
The campus life of students is very simple but more interesting.All students are communicate with each other in friendly.

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