Overview of Recent Research Works:

Maiti S , (2008) Maiti Dutta S and Chen G Role of folic acid and folic acid receptors on methotrexate (MTX) induction of sulfotransferases. (Drug Metab Letter, 2 : 115-119 .

Development of suitable protocols for in vitro clonal propagation using various explants for the development of multiple shoot, search for other alternative propagation, development of somatic embroids and regeneration of plants through Somatic Embryogenesis, isolation and characterization of Active Compounds of some unidentified Medicinal Plants of North –Eastern Hill regions.

Working on Biofertilizers with modified composition and short production cycle, also working on dissemination of low-cost Mushroom technology to self-help groups.

Area of research work on renewable sources of energy and environmental pollution.

Clinical Biochemistry, metabolic disorder, chronic kidney diseases, Cardio vascular disease, and Human case control and follow up studies, etc. Studies on disease mechanism and their possible therapeutic interventions.


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